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Yemaya is a Yoruban goddess who's mainly celebrated in West Africa and Caribbean regions, an aquatic Orisha deity. Here I wanted to show her completely in her element in a dance with the fish, guiding them along in a watery trail. I did a lot of work studying the appearance of water, how it moves with the human form (it helps that I personally love swimming and am constantly in observation). I'm particularly happy with how the waves turned out, the smoothness and highlights are just magical and it's so fulfilling to hear this from others as well :)


Created by Matt Maes - Surreal Mythical Art

When my wife Helena and I were on honeymoon in Jamaica, we spent a lot of our time at the beach. The cove by our resort featured the clearest waters, and one day in particular I felt myself in a gentle trance, swaying with the tide rolling in and out. In moments like this I can really feel the spirit of the piece come over me which of course goes back into the art, little bits of life infusing into the magic of creation!


Created by Denver Artist Matt Maes - Surreal Mythical Art

Canvas - Dancing Yemaya

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