Immersive Art Meditation

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The shared passion for spirituality and archetypes in artwork has inspired my partner Helena and I to create 'Immersive Art Meditation' a.k.a. 'I AM'. Our sessions provide deep, focused experiences with art through guided meditation, journaling and discussion. 'The Edge of Myth' series on which I AM is founded, is a psychological and spiritual journey featuring deities from across the world, representing the stages of the Hero's Journey, chakra points, and a vast array of universal symbols.

The 'Journeyer's Journal' allows for participants to reflect not only on their findings in the present but also when we experience phases of the Hero's Journey in the future. Rather than seeing our experiences as merely random, we can look back at our notes from the past and better align ourselves with the flow of life. We seek to join with kindred spirits and expand the reach of our work, one life at a time. If this sounds like you, please consider checking out our growing community on Facebook here. Either way, I wish you the very best.

Online Learning

Quantum Keyhole is about creating and using creativity as a vehicle for human transformation. I'm so passionate about passing on skills and mindsets shaped over the course of my life that I'm creating means to ways to teach who are curious to tap into unrealized potential for themselves. I've taught workshops and and am now developing courses for udemy as well as other applications designed to unlock your innate creativity in ways you've never imagined! In the meantime I've put together a number of free videos sharing my M.A.E.S. Method (Mindfulness and Effortless Simplicity). Check them out and if you're still hungry for more, please stay tuned for much more in-depth instruction!