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Drawing Games

From someone who's taken in a lifetime of drawing it's a pleasure to share this joy with others. What better way to Spark this passion than through gaming? 

  1. Draw a Card

    1. Cards with random descriptions are shuffled together and each player draws one at a time, placed face down in front of you. After each player has received a card, turn them over. The object of the game is to sketch whatever is described on the back of your card.

  2. Musical Charades

    1. Draw anything you want based on the theme of the night while the music plays. Once the music stops the group gets up and each player moves to another person's drawing then tries to act it out while the group guesses the meaning.

  3. Free Association

    1. This slow paced game will let your mind flow and unwind with open ended instructions like “Draw something in your favorite color”.


The word technique is twofold: A tool and the way that you use it. I believe this lack of technique, aside from motivation, is what separates those who create art from those who wish they could. i deeply believe that anyone, yes anyone, has creative capacity. my aim is to give you the keys enabling you to get your start and expand as an artist.

3D design

The world of 3D computer graphics holds special importance to me because it was through modeling that my horizons expanded in an eye opening way. The practice as intimidating as it may appear on the surface, can be broken down into workflows which will give you the power to create beautiful imagery powered by your imagination.

  1. Drawing grips

    1. How to hold your pen or pencil to create various types of lines​

  2. Shape Analysis

    1. Breaking objects down into recognizable shapes which once learned will allow you to create silhouettes​

  3. Shading

    1. Defining shapes through realistic and stylized shading​

  4. Composition

    1. composing the elements of your drawing​ in order to lead the eye

  1. Blender

    1. free, open source 3D Animation software ​

  2. autodesk Maya

    1. Subscription based 3D animation software​

Modeling - Constructing digital objects and environments using 3D shapes 

Texturing - Applying flat and bumpy textures to the objects to make them appear as real objects 

Lighting - make your environment come alive with realistic lighting techniques

Animation - Bring motion to your scene using key frames and animation curves

Rendering - properly organize your scene for rendering frames in a quick and efficient manner

These tools may be applied towards creating objects and environments for video games and animated films

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