The Edge of Myth and Painted Pixel 1.jpg

My name is Matt and I create art for people who share my love of myth and creativity. My aim is to create ways for you to have deep, meaningful encounters with reflections of yourself. The truth is that creativity lives within our spirits and is accessible to everyone - Potential to be unlocked and shared with the world. My invitation is to join in exploring worlds of wonder within the doorways of our spirits.

I'm often asked about the meaning behind the name so here it is: Something which is quantum speaks to unlimited possibilities, and a keyhole is a way to reach into another world. Together this is the spirit of what I do which is twofold: 1. Producing fantastic creations which spark a compelling sense of wonder and 2. Unlocking the creative potential which you may have never dreamed possible. The art is the medium making possible wild and wonderful storytelling journeys reflective of our own connected humanity. I'm fueled by a life of curiosity, uncompromising dedication to excellence, and commitment to sharing visions of beauty with the world, one deep experience at a time.