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The Edge of Myth and Painted Pixel 1.jpg

The twin threads of storytelling and creativity have been interwoven throughout Matt’s life. His creative adventures have crossed numerous mediums and subjects, arriving full circle to his true first love of mythical visual art presented with his own surreal flare. His natural existential curiosity finds its lens through his craft, informed by his own personal journeys.


Blending graphite pencil, acrylic paint, airbrush, and sometimes digital tools, he thrives on bringing deities of world myth to life on canvas. The self taught painter pursued development of his own skill first through ‘The Edge of Myth’ series, a spiritual and psychological journey featuring gods, goddesses and heroes representing phases of the Hero’s Journey popularized by Joseph Campbell. He’s since committed himself to representing mythical art in festivals and exhibitions across Denver through his illustrated book Azreya Aztec Priestess, and applications such as tapestries, t-shirts and greeting cards, as well as creative workshops.

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