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IAM - Immersive Art Meditation

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A unique experience that combines visual art, mythical and personal storytelling and powerful guided meditation. 

Answer the call to experience your life as a Hero's Journey--with all of its adventures, disappointments and reconciliations, humbling lessons, and hard-won treasures. With a band of companions and skilled facilitators, find greater understanding of the path that you have traveled--and illuminate the way ahead with greater strength, wisdom and love. ​ ​


In each virtual session, our Journeyers will:​

-Learn about the universal myths that inspired the art​

-Connect the artist’s Hero’s Journey with your own​

-Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the artist’s creative process​

-Immerse yourself in the themes with music, scents, meditation​

-Claim more of your power and self-expression​

Drawing Games

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With the intention of expanding creativity in new ways, I've worked to develop a set of games which combine art and improvisation. This is the fisrt time this new concept of a game will be tested before it goes into final development, so participants will be asked to sign a non-disclosure statement.
Each one can either be played competitively or as a free-for-all, and there are plenty of achievements to take your game further! The scenarios within this game range from the silly, to action packed, to downright insane.

Free Association
This slow paced game will let your mind flow and unwind with open ended instructions like “Draw something in your favorite color”.
Draw a Card
Draw whatever is described on the card to the best of your ability.
Cluster Shuffle
Draw something based on a scenario described on one card. Halfway through, take each of the drawings and shuffle them, then redistribute so everyone finishes someone else's drawing.

Educational Workshops 

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When I'm not creating my own artwork, I love to pass on the joy of creativity to those around me. When I see that same enthusiasm to express through art, I love being able to help unlock the flow at deeper and deeper levels. Using the M.A.E.S. Method, which other than being my last name stands for Mindfulness And Effortless Simplicity, I aim to help pave as clear a path as I can for anyone to jump into drawing and painting. One great advantage of having pursued art for as long as I have is being able to share insights which have taken many years for me to achieve, compressing the amount of time that it would take a lay person to learn on their own.

Of course, there is plenty of online instruction but the biggest reason for attending a workshop is that hands-on instruction in an intimate setting. I can help you to identify where you are in your journey and deliver more quality instruction in real time. If you have a specific burning question, I can help you right then. Feel like you're not holding the pencil quite right and want to improve your control? I carry copies of the Drawing Hand Position Cheat Sheet which you can find in the Free Stuff section, and I can help you implement each position in person.

I'm excited about your creative journey and if you're ready to take your game even further, I'd love to see you in one of the sessions!


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