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Creating a custom piece of artwork is one of the most gratifying ways to bless someone with my art. Bringing a shared vision to life through a custom creation invites a constant source of beauty into one’s most intimate spaces. The greatest value I’ve found through art is its capacity to inspire moments of ‘awe’, available to us at any time we need them. Honoring the artwork creates a timeless oasis of beauty which
carries with us throughout our days.  

Skrying Alchemist.jpg

I take pride in pouring a level of obsessiveness into the details which shows through from a distance or up close. People often express that
they can come back to the same piece and see different things each time. With this in mind, I’m intentional about doing justice to each stitch where I know people are going to look. Even more importantly, I’ve found that so many are longing for  a sense of universal meaningfulness which I’m blessed to be able to speak to through my craft. Not only can we 
appreciate the visual aspect but  perceptual dimensions as well.

Attack Mode.jpg

Do you have a particular deity which you
connect with and would like to see reflected
on canvas? Intentionally created artwork can
act as a mirror to direct our focus, deepening
our relationships with the divinities. We can also use these same means towards self-awareness through portraits of ourselves depicted as deities which share our own characteristics.     

Portraits can cost anywhere from $1000 minimum or more depending on a number of factors such as size, complexity, or whether it’s in color or black and white. I’m happy to divide
payments into multiple manageable  installments. Sliding scale pricing is also available at the artist’s discretion.

Bond of Immaculate Grace.jpg

*Great for:   Honoring Gift    Weddings/Anniversaries     Remembrance


What is it that enchants and enhances 
you? Adorning walls with art transforms what was once ordinary into a space of wonderment. When I look at a blank canvas, I see an opportunity to draw from imagination into the physical world where everyone can experience it. A big part of my mission as an artist is to unlock the sense of creative possibility in as many ways as I can. What better way for me to do this than through visual storytelling?   

Space Mural.jpeg

I place an emphasis on ‘storytelling’ throughout my art. I relish in taking multiple ingredients
and blending them together in such a way that allows viewers to go on a journey - Just enough
definition to set a foundation, yet open ended enough for exploration. People often tell me that they can come back to the same piece and see new things each time. Knowing this, I make sure to do justice to each detail where people may look. I do this joyfully in service of maintaining the suspension of disbelief that keeps viewers engaged. 

Matt with Alice in Wonderland mural.jpg

My process is simple: I start by getting to
know you, the owner of the space, and 
employ active listening for what stands out
as characteristically unique. From there,
we can come together on a shared vision. I 
then take my imagination to the sketchbook 
and present concepts . I don’t begin until 
we agree on a design that we can both be 
proud of - For me to create and you to 
cherish. I create a timeline and budget based 
on materials, take 50% payment up front and
at the end. All of this goes into a contract.

Alice in Wonderland concepts .jpg

I first prepare the wall (or walls), removing dust from the area by gently wiping then sanding.
Next, I block out the wall from the floor using painter’s tape and a protective cloth. If it’s
outdoors I’ll typically power wash and apply primer. Once I begin on a mural, I devote 
the lion’s share of my focus towards the project and don’t accept less than 
an outstanding finished product.  

Wine and Whey Alice in Wonderland closeups almost complete.jpg
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