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“What can still such a monstrosity?” they may ask if such a question could help produce an actionable answer to the object of terror. “What has been robbed of this creature that produces such a greed for destruction?” The answer takes as many forms as existing maladies. The origin of this myth trail as far back as the 18th century to pub owners-turned sailors, even to the Bible's curse of Jonah and the whale if you care to go back that far. Davy Jones exists as a cautionary tale of abject terror meant to encourage one towards positive moral behavior lest you be thrown into his “locker” at the bottom of the ocean. In more contemporary terms this stage also signifies passage through “The Belly of the Whale”, an exceptionally trying passage leading to rebirth given that you determine to survive.


Bittersweet addiction, surrender to the row

Stockholm syndrome with the loss of control

'Why?' the only question, drawn into the hole

Justified by the search, at least I will know

Albatross 'round my neck, feet turned to stone

After a while it just feels like I'm home

My only concern, what awaits me to atone

The weight of the quest for the sword of my soul


Created by Denver Artist Matt Maes - Surreal Mythical Art

Canvas - Weight of Endless Depth

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