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Showing Up in Real Life

Unveiling at Mirus Art Bar with Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry

You never know who you're gonna meet that ends up becoming allies along your journey. My story with Catalyst began through a community vending event over a year ago. We were set up near the back of the grand hall of Sons of Italy in Wheatridge. Cam approaches and we immediately hit it off, connecting over the art and life. His sense of integrous candor was clear to me from the beginning, a character quality known by those close to him. By the end he'd graciously invited me to be one of the first artists in a gallery soon to be opened in Denver, and the rest is history.

Catalyst team: (From left to right) Chris Fredlund, Cameron Palatine, Will French, Ethan Johnson

Showcase event at Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry

Fast forward to the present day, I've witnessed the energy around Catalyst only grow and grow. I'm in constant amazement at what can be done with enough belief based action. In this case, a group of 4 dudes in their 20's rallied their friend circles from years of being in the music festival scene and decided to open up their own spot in Denver. Among the visual artists include some of the who's who of the visionary art scene such as Chris Dyer and Randal Roberts. Their dedication to creativity has inspired Art Wednesday, a time for creators to come together and work on our own projects in an 'art party' fashion. Sometimes it's hopping, sometimes it's quiet with only a few people.

Randal Roberts Eye Painting Workshop at Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry

Most recently, Catalyst has attracted the attention of Mirus Art Bar, teaming up for their First Friday after hours events. Visual artists and jewelers coming through Catalyst take over the gallery space for a celebration of creativity. Speaking for painters, these opportunities give you the chance to share and connect over live painting and for a select few, unveil their latest masterpiece during the middle of the event. This upcoming October 6, 9pm-2am, I'll be participating with a brand new piece that's been in the making for over a year. All I'll say for now is that it's challenged my limits in so many ways...It'll be a truly awesome moment to experience the culmination of numerous rapturously focused hours.

Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry September First Friday at Mirus Art Bar

'Transformations' Exhibit

When my wife shared the call for artists for this opportunity, the name of this exhibit immediately indicated a true match. As an enthusiast of personal transformation through storytelling, this exhibit fits like a glove. Meeting Lauren (digitally) we waxed poetic over the love of storytelling, being on the spectrum, and the nature of this presentation. As neurodivergent creators, we're proud to represent Mental Health Colorado.

'Transformation' promo image 1

Set in the resplendently wood lined Uncle Tim's Cocktails, September 22nd 6-9pm, our small ensemble of artists share how transformation comes through our creations. If that weren't cool enough, we'll also be collaborating on a single piece to be revealed for the first time on the night of the event. I can say for sure being a new husband and father has brought whole heaps of moments calling for my personal growth.

'Transformation' promo image 2

These past few years have been filled with firsts such as driving my son to school, celebrating birthdays and Valentine's with a close partner, sharing a domestic married home life, stepping even more fully into my creative mission, selling an illustrated book that I cocreated, sharing my story on Rocky Mountain PBS, unlocking creativity in autistic youth, and so many more. I truly can't wait to see how the next year and onward unfold!

Redline Exhibit

Last but not least, this group show brings together fellow Core Artists of Redline. The Core Artist program was born out of Reach Studio, an open space in the back of Redline where creators can come and jam out with an assortment of materials. The idea is to increase availability to space and art supplies. More recently, the Core Artist program has evolved into a path to becoming a full fledged artist. We're blessed with exhibits like these where we may share our best new work.

Meeting with our curators, we threw concepts against the wall and ultimately aligned around 'What's happening now' for us, spirituality, mysticism, symbolism, and more. I can't help but recognize how many different sides these bring out for me, reflected in the sketches preparing for the final art. My individual meetings with the curators revealed a prism framed around 1. The external coming through me, 2. Internal experiencing the external, and 3. The archetypal. I'll be sharing updates about this show in November once we set a solid date!

Redline exhibit sketch 1

Redline exhibit sketch 2

Redline exhibit sketch 3

The past year has brought numerous moments of increased self reflection, including the 10 week Brotherhood of Kings men's work program. This was the first time that I'd undergone an embodied experience with the archetypes inside myself. I greatly appreciate this system because it allows us to make sense of dimensions of the psyche. The connections made within this amazing program represent lasting, enriching bonds of brotherhood. Each man who passes through joins a group of alumni dedicated to supporting each other's growth.

I certainly look forward to each of these events and welcome all to join!

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