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The ideal is for beings to become enlightened by attaining harmony within themselves. One who is abundant has excess to give to others, and to provide for themselves. To one who's truly at ease with themselves, these motives come from the same place because humans are part of the same system. The Boddhisattva is the Buddha stage which chooses to stay behind on earth until suffering is relieved from the world. A boddhisattva is one who gives freely and knows their needs are accounted for. They share wisdom and compassion as their praxis without being tied to external expectations. This awareness may be realized by those who search for truth. Some seek it out for themselves and make the trek up the tree of knowledge. Others opt to take the harder path through undue pain and learn the braille of the universe with burnt fingers. Then again, aren't we all one or the other from time to time? “No tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell”.


Arrival of intuition, long guided search

Disassociation from burdens of the Earth

Desires exalted, sacred fires burn

Life owes us nothing except what we learn

Vessels of ease and delight alive, unmoored

Floods wash away the dust of our birth

Beyond lust, beyond death, beyond what's deserved

This bond speaks eternal, the final eminent word


Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and copy of the accompanying poem


Created by Denver Artist Matt Maes - Surreal Mythical Art

Canvas - Liberation of the Eternal Source

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