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I teach aspiring artists a variety of skills ranging from traditional illustration to 3D animation. Where ever you are in your journey, I'd like to help take you even further than you thought you could go.

The Flow Show

A youtube series in conjunction with Suwbastia Studios dedicated to guiding you on your journey of skill development, ultimately aimed towards getting you into what is known as the "Flow State". This is the physiological state of being the moment, transcending into the state of optimum performance characterized by existential blissful and focus.


This state occurs at the intersection of challenge and ability in a task which is ultimately rewarding to you. the notion of 'work' falls away as you're enthralled in the task at hand; The process is it's own reward. we've all experienced these moments and now conventional research is unraveling the origins of this phenomenal state. Our team is dedicated to helping you unlock this state in your own life however you choose to use this gift which is our birthright as human beings.


We'll be covering a range of topics from personal development, strategy, internalization and beyond. Stay tuned!

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