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It's said that an elephant never forgets...The head of the largest mammal representing the most expansive intellect. The trunk reaches the ground as far as it extends into the sky, and can smell water sources 12 miles away; The symbolic representation of the spine, stretching from the base to the heavens. The ears, in conjunction with its feet can pick up another elephant's call 2.5 miles away; All the better to hear the prayers of nations. Ganesha's father Shiva breaks the ground with his dance as well. Like father, like son.


What bliss have I found in the space of a word?

Simplicity, patience, compassion observed

What else may harm me that I haven't heard worse?

I've shed all my tears, been baptized, immersed

Each annunciation, relief of a curse

I am the road, the panacea my hearse

The game remains constant, ever cyclical turns

I need only myself, Bismillah verse by verse


Created by Denver Artist Matt Maes - Surreal Mythical Art

Metallic - The Prodigal's Way Revealed

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