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The story of Eve from Genesis is incredibly fascinating to me. She is all at once the myth of the original woman from whom beauty came into the world, torn from grace for her curiosity, awoken to both good and evil. She embodies surpassing magnitude of worldly knowledge, indelibly marked where curiosity dared venture. Born from the cosmos, mixed with the earth, where we come from and return in the end. Magnanimous, she holds ageless truths of pleasure and pain in the garden of her eyes.


Light enters as the mask falls away

The fire of awareness unchained

No evolution without resistance

Decisions masquerading as fate

Dance between paradise and the insane

The garden burns the old self away

Light and dark dissonant rhythms

As she imagines so she creates


Each copy comes with a story plaque and music playlist link via text or email


Created by Denver Artist Matt Maes - Surreal Mythical Art

Metallic - In the Garden of Her Eyes

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