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For creative professionals working in either independently funded or mid-size studios

Project Managers producing:

-3D Animation




-slow turnaround on production deadlines

-inconsistent communication with artists 

-frustration with work being redone multiple times, stretching your time and budget

...and want to:

-Identify and eliminate these issues before they happen

-understand your strengths and weaknesses as a PM for a clearer picture of your management style

-organize project files for optimum ease - We all want to be able to easily find our files!

I provide:

Hands-on consulting

interactive exercises

production assets and rigged animations

Creators producing:

-3D Animations


-Motion graphics


-lack of creative focus

-frustration with slow progress building creative skills

-slow or no sales


...and want to:

-learn tried and true methods used by successful artists

-develop a reliable infrastructure which works with your creative style and skill set

-gain competence leading to confidence in creative skills

i provide:

Workshops for creative and business skills

connections with projects which match your skills

resources for small business development


-Hard surface modeling


   Environment design

   environmental assets

-design software

   Photoshop cc

   illustrator cc

   after effects cc



-Concept design 

   Science fiction

   real world


-Camera animation

   Animated Fly-throughs

   360° turnarounds

I specialize in:


-networking in person

   enticing potential supporters

   simplifying your message for clarity

   how to find resources


   developing a voice for your business

   keyword optimization

-social media


   hashtag optimization

   developing page theme

   content plan

   building and engaging your audience


   facebook ads

   developing an maintaining a page

   generating an audience through groups

   facebook commerce


   optimizing linkedin profile

   finding and making lasting connections


   scheduling content across multiple channels


creative Business structure

-creative focus

   what types of art sell and how your can leverage for success

   adding dimension to your art through inspirational sources and reverse-engineering

   pricing based on vaue to the buyer

   honing your creative mental energy

-skill recognition and enhancement

   how to push past your plateus and enhance creative skills without sacrificing your style

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